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DWI Criminal Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Courtroom, Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hopkins, MN

Have your DWI or criminal case professionally managed in court by a skilled, experienced lawyer- James H. Leviton, Attorney at Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With more than 25 years of legal experience, he and his team will provide you with a full-service defense to get you justice.
Protect your rights with tough, vigorous, and professional representation from our law firm. An effective defense requires early movement, so we offer free phone consultations—this way you can get straight answers on your criminal defense cases or DWI charges.
Not only do we challenge all aspects of police investigations and evidence, we are able to conduct our own private investigations and utilize recognized experts to help turn the case to your favor.

Schedule an appointment with criminal defense lawyer James H. Leviton in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Former President and Current Member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice